New Hope Presbytery Resource Center

General Information

The Presbytery of New Hope's Resource Center has more than 6,500 books and 500 videos available for your use.  The Resource Center is located at the Presbytery Office in Raleigh. The resource collection includes books, games, music and drama, videos, curricula, periodicals, catalogues, learning center, movie guides, kits and equipment. Resource classifications includes Bible, Christian Education, Church and Society, Church History, Curriculum Resources, Family Ministry, Theology, Worship, and Mission of the Church.  

The Presbytery Of New Hope Resource Center exists to serve the members, congregations, lay leaders, and pastors of New Hope Presbytery. The Presbytery uses your mission dollars to purchase resources for the resource center to help you in your work.

You are welcome to drop by the resource center located at the Presbytery Office or you may visit the Resource Center online.

Resource Center Assistance Contact Information

If you need help in choosing a resource please contact us; we are here to serve you.

Presbytery of New Hope
Attn: Resource Center
2022 McDonald Lane
Raleigh, NC 27608

Toll free 855-219-6305 , 919-322-0143
Fax: 919 322-0148

Rev. Marilyn E Hein, Associate Presbyter
Telephone Extension 108

Rene' Baker, Administrative Assistant, Congregational Ministries
Telephone Extension 109

You may also e-mail the resource center at

Who May Use the Resource Center

The Presbytery of New Hope resource center is for everyone that is affiliated with a Presbytery of New Hope congregation:

  • members, teachers, and other leaders in New Hope Presbytery congregations
  • pastors, educators, and other staff members in New Hope Presbytery congregations
  • committees of presbytery

Types of Available Resources

We have resources for:

Bible Studies
Small Group Studies
Youth Ministry
PC(USA) Curriculum
Peacemaking Materials
Older Adult Resources
VCS Materials
Video series for Adults
Congregational Development
Officer Training
Christian Education Helps
Presbyterian Heritage
Children's Ministry
Small Church
Family Ministry
The Church Year
Mission Interpretation